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1/31/17 - Volunteers Needed!!!

1/16/17 - Live in Program

The Glassboro Fire Department is excited to announce the start of our live-in program.  Work is currently being done to build a bunk room on the Fire Department grounds and we are now accepting applications.  For more info click the link below, email us, or feel free to stop in the firehouse anytime.   

Live in Rules, Application, and Contract

9/3/16 - District 10 Dwelling Fire

This morning at at approximately 1000hrs Engine 2613 was dispatched on the all hands District 10 box as RIC.  District 10's first arriving crews made a quick knock on a small fire located in the attic with no extension.  2613 was on scene briefly to assist before being placed available by command.


8/11/16 - First Due Dwelling Fire

Tonight at 2247 station 26-1 and BLS 30 were dispatched to the 100 block of Heritage Loop for a reported dwelling fire.  2600 arrived with a 2 story single family dwelling with smoke showing from an attached garage.  Engine 2611 went on location and took their own hydrant out front.  Their crew stretched a line to the garage door.  Tower 2616 and Engine 2611 forced the garage door and the fire was extinguished.  Crews were on scene approximately 2 hours with no injuries reported.




8/18/16 - Welcome Back Rowan Students!  We need you!

In the next few weeks there will be many new Glassboro residents as the college school year begins.  We at the Glassboro Fire Department want to welcome you all back and also want to invite you to take part in your community during your time in Glassboro by volunteering with us!  Whether you have previous fire experience or not we invite you to stop in the fire house at 27 E. High St, to find out about volunteering with our department.  

8/9/16 - First Due Building Fire

This morning at 0751hrs station 26-1 and BLS 30 were dispatched to a building fire at Cameron's Hair Shop on Girard Rd.  2600 went on location with smoke showing and filled the box.  2611 arrived and forced entry, stretched a line through the front door, and made a quick knock on the fire.  Crews were on scene for about an hour for ventilation and overhaul.  No injuries were reported.



8/8/16 - Master Streams Drill

For drill night this week the firefighters from 26-1 trained on master stream operations.


7/31/16 - 43-4 Building Fire

Engine Company 2613 was dispatched as part of the Task Force assignment on the Colucci Lumber Yard fire in the Malaga section of Franklin Twp.  The size of the fire along with the intense heat that day led to multiple alarms being called to the scene.  2613 was on scene for approximately 7 hours.  2600 was also on scene as Task Force leader.

7/26/16 - New Equipment

The Glassboro Fire Dept received a new 'Blitz' nozzle today.  This nozzle will be used for delivering large volumes of water for large fires.  The day staff took some time this afternoon to train on it.



7/22/16 - Car Show

Tonight Glassboro firefighters brought the old Seagrave out to the car show in Pitman.




7/7/16 - First Due Dwelling Fire

Today at approximately 1500hrs, station 26-1 and BLS 30 were dispatched for a reported dwelling fire on the 200 block of East High St.  2600 went on location with fire showing from division 2 of an abandoned multi family dwelling and quickly called for the 2nd alarm for manpower due to the extreme heat.  The house sat about 500 feet off the road with only one overgrown dirt road leading to it.  More than 10 crews were on scene for approximately 3hrs before the fire was placed under control.  No injuries were reported.



7/6/16 - Day Crew Training

The day crew at 26-1 took advantage of some free time today by training on our rescue air bag system and vehicle stabilization.



7/5/16 - Station Outing to the Phillies Game

After clearing the 23 Box and cleaning up, members from station 26-1 left to enjoy a night out together at the Phillies game.


7/5/16 - District 23 Dwelling Fire

Just before 1600hrs this afternoon District 23 and BLS 38 were dispatched for a reported dwelling fire on Knights Ct in the Ewan section of Harrison Twp.  Upon his arrival, 23107 called for the all hands bringing Ladder 2616 to the scene.  2616 arrived 3rd to the scene and assisted with throwing ladders, ventilation, and overhaul.  2616 was on scene for about an hour before being placed available by command.


7/4/16 - District 10 Dwelling Fire

Shortly after 1600hrs today, station 26-1 was requested by 10-01 as mutual aid for a reported dwelling fire on Emerson Ln.  2613 arrived on location and assumed RIT.  Crews from district 10 made a quick knock on the fire and 2613 was made available.


6/27/16 - Drill Night

For tonight's weekly drill the firefighters from 26-1 trained on vehicle stabilization and extrication using our junkyard dogs and hydraulic tool.


6/13/16 - Drill Night

Tonight for our weekly drill members trained on water supply and master stream operations at the empty Ellis Manor complex.


6/13/16 - Jr Member Graduates Firefighter I

Junior Member Kyle Ross gratuated GCIT's Firefighter I program.  Several members were in attendence to celebrate with Kyle.


6/12/16 - First Due Dwelling Fire

At 1945 hours station 26-1 was dispatched for a reported dwelling fire in the 600 block of Heston Rd.  2600 arrived on location with light smoke from a one story single family dwelling.  Crews knocked a small fire in the house with one 1 3/4 line from 2611.  Crews were on scene about an hour with no injuries reported.


6/11/16 - Community Service

Today firefighters from 26-1 volunteered their time along side other members of the community to assist in building a new playground at the New St Park.  Read more about it here.


6/10/16 - Cover Assignment

2613 was requested tonight by 2501 to cover station 25-1 while they operated on an MVC with entrapment involving a tractor trailer.  The duty crew for the night split and 4 firefighters went on 2613 while 4 remained in town on 2611 ensuring a quick response in town if needed while still being able to assist our brothers in Woolwich.  




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