Glassboro Fire


Station 26-1



Squad 2618

2017 Pierce Enforcer

562 Gal/1500 GPM


Engine 2613

2001 Smeal

850 Gal/1250 GPM

Engine 2611

2007 Elite

750 Gal/1250 GPM


Tower 2616

2010 Smeal

100ft Tower Ladder

300 Gal/2000 GPM

Command Vehicle

2015 Chevy Tahoe

Driven by 2600

Antique Apparatus



This 1945 Seagraves, originally in service from 1945 through 1967, was refurbished and donated back to the Glassboro Fire Dept. and can be seen during the many parades occurring throughout the year.




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The Glassboro Fire Dept. would like to remind everyone to check their smoke detectors regularly! If you are in need of a detector please stop by the firehouse and we can provide one to you!!

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